Whichgear is for you if...

You want to try something new, but don’t know where to start.

Find advice on which gear (get it?) you will need and tools to start planning your next adventure.


You lead adventurers

From leading a group of Cub Scouts on a camping weekend to running a multi-week expedition for clients, use whichgear to manage your gear and communicate to your group what to pack.


Adventure is your business

Retailers, outfitters, writers, manufacturers, etc. - use whichgear to spotlight your products and/or services and connect with adventurers.


You're preparing for an adventure

Whichgear can help you manage your gear to make sure you have it when you need it.


You want to share your superpowers

Share why you are so enthusiastic about your adventures. Whichgear provides a place to talk about what you have learned along the way to help others with their adventures.


Here's what is in the whichgear toolbox

Get educated

Get questions answered from our Q&A's with rated answers, read product reviews and how-to guides, and get recommendations for the gear you didn't think of.


Get organized

Whichgear’s organizational tools help you build your own gear lists, manage your gear inventory, and plan trips with to-do and shopping lists to make sure you are ready to go when adventure strikes.


Shine a spotlight on your adventure business

Put the spotlight on your business. Highlight products, publish gear lists and reviews, and write how-to articles. Use Whichgear to connect with and help the outdoor adventure community.


Share your superpowers

Answer questions, Post recommendations for gear you like, and Tell the community what worked or didn’t work for you. Share how to best use and take care of gear.


See what's here

Questions and Answers

Got questions? Get answers. Maybe you already know answers to questions and can help.

Packing Lists

Pre-made lists of gear to pack for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Product Reviews

Impartial reviews of outdoor adventure gear products written by members of the whichgear community.

Articles and How-to Guides

Advice on how to use and maintain your gear contributed by the whichgear community

Adventure planning tools

Manage your own gear to make sure you and your fellow adventurers have it when you need it.


Articles about gear in the form of lists.


[Coming Soon]

Community registry of outdoor adventure-based causes.


[Coming Soon]

List your gear on our Marketplace, or shop for the perfect gear.

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